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Mothers and Toddlers

Mothers and Toddlers

This is a perfect opportunity for women in our community to enjoy a safe, friendly and relaxing space where sisters can chat over a cuppa as well as develop their link with the mosque and community centre. There’s plenty of activities for the children to get stuck into, including: Arts and Crafts, Free Play and Nasheed Time!

Our aim is to also empower our sisters via short reminders on parenting and helping children learn short dua’as etc. By bringing all this together the idea is to provide a strong Islamic cultural grounding.

Lunch and healthy snacks for parents and children are also provided.

Age Range: 0-4 years

Timing: Wednesdays and Thursdays 10.30am to 12.30pm

You can register by dropping in on the day

If you require further information please email us at info@afecc.co.uk

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